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Kumar's Austin

About us


A volley of sunshine through the protesting leaves of a thousand sleeping coconut trees, casting designs of a quiet rebellion on brick floored courtyards. In a clay pot on a wood fire, mustard seeds crackle to wake up the village.

The onions always go next, creating a cosmic sizzle. The sights and sounds of South Indian cooking are deserving of a riveting Epic. At Kumar's, you can pick up a hardbound copy. No embellishments, fiercely authentic.​


Do you wonder what real South Indian food tastes like? The answer ranges from elementary to elaborate. Just like our menu. It’s not the naan bread and tikka masala. Or an array of creamy curries, different only in color. Or the pervasive samosa. It’s not restaurant food. It feels like rice paddies, coconut palms, spice forests and salt pans. The ingredients are born of failed monsoons and surprise thunderstorms. It’s hearty and delicious!

Kumar’s was founded in 2015 to break the stereotype of an Indian restaurant. Our mission is to introduce the world to authentic South Indian cuisine. In that venture, we start with natural ingredients and create all dishes in-house, from the ground up. There is no place for artificial flavors, taste enhancers, pre-made sauces, MSG, and food colors. Every dish is made to order from scratch using the freshest, finest ingredients including meat that is never frozen. That's what makes Kumar's so special and keeps our customers coming back for more!

In our menu, you will often find names you can’t pronounce - and that’s a good sign! Let us introduce you to the original, unapologetically authentic Indian food from the rustic and earthy cuisine of the distant, sun-drenched, ocean-lapped peninsula.


Traditionally, the lunch meals in South India are served on a huge banana leaf and the guests are fed until they are full to the neck with goodness they won't forget for a lifetime. Kumar's was started with the aim of bringing that tradition to the United States and succeeded with a huge victory.

People walk around with buckets of curries, rice, desserts, and other goodies... while you sit at your table with a giant banana leaf. When you're ready for your next serving holler at the server near you and get what you like. Here at Kumar's, you don't wait around for servers to come to you. You just raise your hand and express loudly when you're ready! That's exactly how it is done in the south Indian mess halls and that's how it is done at any of our Kumar Mess locations.